At Fùtebol Form & Fitness, F.A.S.T. stands for Foot-speed, Athleticism, Strength, and Toughness. These sessions are designed to help players get stronger and faster, and to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and become more skilled and focused athletes. With F.A.S.T. sessions, you can control who is in your training group to ensure a group of players who are there to push each other.

Each session will include:


2 players $50 per player

3 players- $40 per player

4 or more players $30 per player

  • Running mechanics and warm up

  • Fùtebol Form & Fitness Plyometric Series

  • Core strengthening exercises

  • Speed & agility drills

  • Technical work with the ball

Who would benefit from FAST? 

  • Athletes looking to stay fit throughout the year.

  • Athletes looking to learn how to push their body to the limits with drills and workouts that can be applied in individual training.


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