High School Summer Program


6 Week Summer Program

Fùtebol Form & Fitness' High School Summer Program is designed for players that are serious about improving. This program is open to players from all high schools both male and female.  By focusing on individual skills while working in pairs and small groups, players will improve their technique and confidence on the ball. Players are asked to work hard but we keep in mind the proper work to rest ratio to ensure our athletes can still go to training or a game later that night. Sessions will be broken up into 2 hours. One hour the group will be on the field with Sporting Director, Brian Kallman and the other hour players are able to sharpen their skills in a more relaxed environment.  This program cost $140 and registration required. Get a friend, teammate, or someone you trust to help push you the extra mile and sign up today!

Sharping skills in a fun relaxed way

  • Soccer tennis

  • Soccer volleyball

  • Kick backs for extra technical work

  • Shooting on "Goalshot" - Shooting & Finishing trainer

  • And more

Sessions will include:

  • Functional movement warm up

  • Technical work - First touch and passing

  • Fùtebol Form & Fitness plyometric series

  • Speed & Agility drills

  • Technical work - Aerial control

  • Group passing progressions

Mondays 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

  • 6/10, 6/17, 6/24, 7/8 7/15, 7/22

All sessions at Liberty Ridge Park (11375 Eagle View Boulevard Woodbury, MN)


Players will benefit from the following:

  • Learn from a Pro who has been in your shoes!

  • Improved foot speed and quickness

  • Increase confidence on the ball

  • Improve first touch and passing

  • Experience realistic, challenging situations to implement skills

  • Have fun while working hard and getting better!


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