Week Long Summer Camps

Fùtebol Form & Fitness' week long camps are held at various locations around the metro. From U8 to High School Prep Camps, FFF is ready to help you get prepared for the next level! These programs are open to players of all skill levels that are serious about improving their game. Registration required!

Sessions will include:

  • Dribbling warm up, that maximizes touches on the ball

  • Fùtebol Form & Fitness plyometric series

  • Passing & receiving drills

  • Ball mastery of attacking and escape moves

  • Small group play

  • Shooting

Players will benefit from the following:

  • Learn and improve upon dribbling technique and moves

  • Improve foot speed and quickness

  • Increase confidence on the ball

  • Improve first touch and passing

  • Experience realistic, challenging situations to implement skills

  • Gain valuable leadership skills

Camp Locations


4th of July Week (NOT on the 4th)

High School Prep Camp (Woodbury) 9th/10th Grade

High School Prep Camp (Woodbury) JV/Varsity

High School Prep Camp (STA) Middle School/9th Grade

High School Prep Camp (STA) JV/Varsity